Alive is a sheers’ collections inspired in the life and light presents in the Mediterranean Spanish homes. With plain textures, light marbled, slight hints of gloss and subtle patterns, ALIVE counts with five soft and light proposals perfect to bring a pleasant sensation of vitality and happiness.

ALIVE evokes life and light with its smooth stone tones, whites, linen and light touches of pastels.


Vida is a sheer that combines threads of different tones creating a marbled effect of three-dimensionality. Its wavy texture accentuates the feeling of volume and movement in the fabric.

It is available in 5 tones: white, stone, linen, light taupe and white and a mix of white and black threads.


Luz is a sheer with a straight vertical stripe design that, just like its name means, brings great brightness to the room. Functional and versatile, Luz has the quality to adapt to every style. This sheer can be found in white and in two colour combinations: beige-stone and light taupe-linen.


Smooth and with a pleasant touch, this sheer honors the characteristic soft and serene breeze of the Mediterranean coast. Its lightness creates a vaporous effect full of freshness.

Brisa can be found in 7 colours: white, taupe, beige, warm grey and steel grey, blush pink and storm blue.


Inspired in the radiant Sun light, this soft and elegant sheer provides brightness and the feeling of amplitude to the room. Sol has been created in 6 natural tones: white, beige, stone, toast, linen and grey.

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