We like beauty and that is why we want to collaborate in preserving the beauty of our planet. Small actions such as choosing natural materials, using ecological textiles or investing in recycled materials can make a big change at a social level.

Pepe Peñalver is committed to sustainability by including recycled materials in its collections, such as Madeira, a plain fabric with upholstery texture made of 100% recycled cotton with GRS certificate.

Thanks to its Teflon EcoElite ™ finish, it repels water and water-based stains without affecting the feel or breathability of the fabric.

The Teflon EcoElite finish, having been made from non-fluorinated raw materials and being a combination of renewable materials (60%), cotton and certain synthetic materials, is three times more resistant than existing fluorine-free repellent products on the market and guarantees excellent performance after several washes.

Moreover, as many of its ingredients can be regenerated, its production leaves a smaller environmental footprint, contributing to the care of the environment.

Madeira is available in 38 colours ranging from powdery shades to natural tones, copper, mustard, a wide range of warm tones and cool tones.

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