Mestizaje is a vibrant collection inspired by the syncretism ethno-cultural, the folklore and the rich artisanal tradition of the most authentic Mexico that presents six references based on natural textiles like linen, cottons or jute, and Mexican handcraft style embroideries.

Mestizaje calls the purest Mexico, offering rustic thick textures typical from the desert life, that offers a washed effect because of the impact of the sun and the sand.

Composed by energic colours combined with natural tones, this collection pays tribute to great muralists like Diego Rivera, and masters of colour like Frida Kahlo. Different orange like pumpkin or turmeric, moss greens and kale, washed pinks or intense blues that align with more natural tones earth, taupe or beige, to give free rein to this original version of the “Mexico lindo”, created by Pepe Peñalver.


Inspired by the original appearance of the corncob or Maizen, this fabric of thick texture is a mix of wool and cotton with a melange yarn fiber that gives a multicolour marbled effect. Maizen provides a harmonic look to every room and is presented in 10 different colours, from the most natural ones to intense blues, tiles or mustards.


Sombrerote is an upholstery cotton and jute fabric, with multicolour stripped design. With a rustic-ethnic style, offers authentic and original colours combinations. Its touch and design resembles the most typical Mexican clothes like hats and ponchos. This fabric is available in 4 colour combinations: oranges with blues and coral, blush pinks with natural tones, blues with mustards, and turmerics with pumkin.


Chilito is a jacquard inspired by the chile’s versatily and a key element on the Mexican gastronomy. A fantasy thread plays between the layers of this fabric and changes the tone in a capricious way. Chilito is suitable for upholstery and decoration and is offered in 4 tones: denim with intense blues, brown with yellow fantasy, pink and beige.

This printed embroidery with washed effect receives its inspiration from the drawing created in the surface of the blue agave’s heart, product from which is extracted the famous Mexican Tequila. It is available in 3 colours: blush pink, moss green and natural.

Flor de Vida

Flor the vida is a print on frosted cotton, with a velvety touch and with a floral motive inspired by the agave, a millenary and generous plan that embellish the Mexican fields, and that from ancient times has been used to produce handcrafted products. Flor de vida is offeredin 3 tones: Ochre and olive greens, pinks and pastel green, and grey blues with orange hints.


Charro is a jacquard with a geometric pattern and ethnic style that evokes handcraft and tradition. Received the inspiration from the charro’s dresses typical from Mexico. It is suitable for upholstery and is presented in 4 different tones: beige, taupe, pale pink and blue.

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