Pepe Peñalver Contract- (15) FULGORIA BLACKOUT

The dark or opaque fireproof fabrics are mainly chosen in contract projects such as hotels, retail, restaurants, offices, sanitary spaces, ephemeral spaces or large-scale decorations for multinationals, among many others, as they provide all the design while providing optimal management of the passage of light, which also make it possible to control the temperature in spaces delimited with this type of fabrics, making them more comfortable, reducing the passage of solar radiation.

One of the reasons why Blackout fabrics are essential in these interior designs is that they ensure the control of the building’s energy consumption and help to obtain sustainability certificates. These fabrics, in turn, are also ideal for acoustic absorption, favouring insulation in specific rooms or areas.

Blackout fabrics are made with a woven fabric of varying thickness with a totally opaque synthetic covering on one side, so that the entry of light is null, and although they are more sophisticated fabrics than PVC fabrics, as their right and left sides are exactly the same, their technical characteristics are identical.

At Pepe Peñalver we have these technical fabrics that comply with all safety and quality measures, guaranteeing both their fire-resistant and thermal and sound insulation properties.

Thanks to technological advances, these fabrics have evolved over time, where their appearance makes them indistinguishable from any other fabric not treated for these purposes, conferring textures, colours and very natural falls.

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