The Interview | Miguel Madueño

What motivates you the most for each decoration project?

Facing a new project, big or small, is always a challenge. A new space, a new plan and new needs, means starting at zero with everything, which is enriching and stimulating. Distributing the space, looking for the right materials, thinking of the light, colours, textures, etc., and seeing that the end result is what the customer is looking for. In short, is what motivates me the most.

 How did you start in this world? Was it a childhood dream?

I started in a casual way. It is true, that since I was a child I had special interests in all areas related to art, such as cinema, fashion or plastic arts. I come from a modest family, at home everything was always in its place, tidy, coordinated, without stridencies but making every room in the house comfortable. For life circumstances, I started working very young in a furniture store in my neighborhood. Without knowing it, it was the beginning of a great road. I changed my workplace in a short time but became part of a large company where, coincidences of life, taught me everything I know about the textile world. From then, it has been a constant learning and training curve in most of my professional career, alongside great decoration professionals.

Do you think you have a very set style in your projects?

Each project is different. A house in the city is not the same as in the country or on the beach. It is not the same as a restaurant than an office. I finished a house in Madrid with a style of contemporary and urbanite. However, now I start a project of rehabilitation and decoration in a XVII century house set in the country with the style according to the essence of the house.  My spaces, in general, are exempt of excesses. I like that furniture and pieces in a room  gives a sense of freedom and enjoyment of space and breathes tranquility with a touch of color.

Do you like to follow trends?

I like to be aware of trends, of course, but I do not follow them strictly. The “vintage” has been used for many years, it is the same whether it is a house, a restaurant or a commercial place. In the end they all look the same to me. A style, whatever, when is used excessively, becomes distorted and, to my understanding, it loses all charm. Inspiration in each project comes from the hand of the need marked by the space. As I said before, each job is different and applying the trends of the moment is not always the most appropriate.

How do you understand Lizzo and Pepe Peñalver as brands? Which of our fabrics inspired you?

They offer a variety of fabrics, both in design and in color. They are key to my work and I always find the right fabric for each piece.   The long career of Lizzo and Pepe Peñalver as brands is an endorsement and a guarantee of good quality, which is very important  for a professional in the world of interior design.

Tell us about the decoration concept that you have built for the Lizzo London showroom.

As you will have read throughout the interview, I try to make the spaces breath, allowing you to enjoy each element. In the showroom, this concept has prevailed, and I wanted to show and highlight the amount of textures that can be offered to us. From the mixture of different Tomita and Lizzo wallpaper, to the viscose and cotton of the carpet. From a satin velvet to a very high quality cotton, from a plain design to an elaborate damask. From the lacquered wood of the fireplace to the glass of the table. From the window display  to the interior of the showroom, where lighting plays an important role. Separately, may be excessive, but as a whole and despite the mixture, it has achieved a clean space visually that I hope everyone can enjoy.

Your favourite colors

All that you can see in a Mediterranean landscape.

A fabric that you always use…

Cotton and linen… I love them.

Have any experience motivated you especially recently? (A book, an exhibition, a trip, news, a trip…)

To check every day that the world needs a little calm is enough experience and if I can contribute with some of that calm and relax in my spaces, that is my motivation. On a personal level, it is life that motivates me…

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