Designed by Paula Serrano for Pepe Peñalver, the universe of Jacques Tati and, specifically, his iconic film ‘Playtime’, inspire and name this collection.

A curious pedestrian surprised by everything that happens around him and a humorous critic to the urban uniformity of the modern world.

A claim of creative work as a way of personal growth and a tribute to individuals such as Monsieur Hulot, supportive of their fellow citizens but able to preserve their independence and personality.

Buildings cut in sections, as we saw in the film, are small scenes that talk about the people who live there. They let us know, through different lives, a little bit more about ourselves.

Playtime is also an invitation to play. The game as an essential tool of observation and learning. Through games, innovative teaching methods introduce children to the knowledge of simple mathematical structures, those that underlie in every single living organism – having the square as a common starting point to facilitate its comprehension.

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